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Service Provider

The Scenario

You are worrying about an upcoming project with a main contractor whom you have never worked with before. While you have not met the client face-to-face, your contact at the main contractor's office has assured you that the project is legitimate and the payment terms are fair. Who do you trust?

How we can help you?

For a small service provider company, the last thing you need on your hands is breach of contract, or worse still, a non-existent project with an unscrupulous main contractor. Our Client Relationship Managers can carry out discrete checks on your behalf on the project, as well as on the main contractor. Furthermore, you can subscribe to the Preferred Vendor Programme (PVP) payment scheme to secure your income.

Key Benefits

  • Authentication check by TrueCapital Asia on project status and main contractor credit worthiness
  • The Preferred Vendor Programme (PVP) payment scheme to protect you from fraud or late payments
  • Increased networking opportunities with other vendors and suppliers on the PVP scheme

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