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Preferred Vendor Programme (PVP)

Tailored specially for sub-contractors, the Preferred Vendor Programme or PVP is our answer to protect your business from incidences of late or non-payment that are common in large scale projects. Leveraging on our expertise in dealing with government agencies and government linked companies (GLCs), we help secure the payment of completed projects and help you to build new networks with other government contractors, providing new business opportunities and ensuring non-disruptive procurement of supplies via credit.

Challenges faced by sub-contractors:

From our extensive experience of dealing with SMEs, we have found that the most common problems faced by sub-contractors on large projects are the late or even non-payments by main contractors. It presents a serious problem for businesses which need to maintain their liquidity for daily operations.

How your business benefits from PVP

The PVP facility provided by TrueCapital Asia will overcome this financial pitfall by our comprehensive service:

  • Our Client Relations Managers will check on the authenticity of the project and role of the main contractor;
  • We can secure your payment for completed work, by passing the main contractor;
  • Once you are a member of the PVP, you will gain access to our extensive networking platform with other members, including cross-matching your product offering with our other clients;
  • Letters of Undertakings can be extended for other PVP members who aren't registered as government contractors, easing the business opportunities for smaller companies.

If you want to know more details on PVP, contact us via 03-7890 0071 or to speak to our associates.