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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

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1.    What is Bai Al-Dayn?
Bai Al-Dayn is an Islamic banking concept that refers to debt financing, i.e. the provision of financial resources required for production, commerce and services by way of sale and purchase of trade documents and papers. It is a short term facility with a maturity of not more than 1 year.

2.    What is factoring?
Factoring is the purchase of your account receivables (invoices) in order to provide you with the cash flow you need. Factoring is a widely accepted business practice used by companies of all sizes.
Once you've established your account, the processing of factoring payment takes approximately 24-48 hours

3.    Why should I use express Bai Al Dayn factoring?
The main benefit of this product is the instant increase in your working capital and cash flow. This can be used for settling bills, paying your subcontractors and fuelling growth for your company. As invoice factoring is mainly dependent on your customer's credit worthiness, your company's financial position and track record will be discreetly handled and not incur scrutiny.

4.    Who should register with TrueCapital Asia?
Companies that are working on Federal , State Government, GLC, GLIC and Berhad companies.

5.    How do I start becoming an TrueCapital Asia client?
Fill up our application form here, where we provide step by step instructions for the application process.

6.    Do I need to provide collateral?
TrueCapital Asia does not require any collateral from your business.

7.    Why would I need to provide my business information on the application form?
The information we receive is crucial as it will determine how fast we can provide our services, and conform to the standard procedures of financial institutions. All information we receive from you will be treated with the strictest of confidence.