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Business Support Solutions

TrueCapital Asia also provides a range of business support solutions for our clients, which include the following:

  • Support Letter
    We provide support letters for bona fide businesses working with government agencies and GLCs, to ensure a smooth process for tender submissions and a standard format in accordance to government requirements.

  • Letter of Undertaking (LOU)
    We provide Letters of Undertaking (LOU) for bona fide businesses to secure trust and provide assurance to your suppliers, offering both parties peace of mind and confidence in business transactions. This easy and hassle free process is non-onerous, and speeds up the process to provide capital for your suppliers, so that you can snowball the funding into other business activities.

  • Bank Guarantee (BG)
    SME Factors' Bank Guarantee facility is ssupported by reputable banks on our panel, with fast and easy approval processes, fulfilling the requirements for bond application (performance bond, advance payment bond, tender bond).

  • Letter of Credit (LC)
    We also provide Letter of Credit to helps speed up domestic and international trade transactions, supported by reputable banks on our panel, with a fast and easy approval processes.

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